Mega Solutions Industrials, is a company incorporated in Panama, which serves mostly North American companies and some European, our operation is based in Panama, with reach in Caribbean Islands, Colombia and Central America. Our customers are regular suppliers of Petroleum Industries Government, Private and Mixed and Governmental Institutions in Panama and other countries in the regions mentioned. These companies despite their relative sales have not developed structures associated efforts to address Pre-sale and Post-sale. It’s like Mega Solutions Industrials enters the scene, giving presence services to managements of Pre – Sale as:

  • Required Official Registrations
  • Survey Information to adjust Customer Needs
  • Technical Surveys to design solutions
  • Preparation of Technical Studies, Market and Feasibility for the company to decide whether to participate and which product offering.
  • Presence and Representation Public Acts of Contracts
  • Preparation of Proposals for bidding processes
  • Monitoring plans Acquisitions Potential Clients
  • Monitoring Process until achieving Purchase Order
  • Protocol and Public Relations.

And after sales efforts such as:

  • MonitoringProcedures, Customs, Special Permits
  • Coordination of Domestic Freight and Delivery
  • Technical Support for start-up of equipment
  • Training for Use and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Procedures for Collection
  • Protocol and Public Relations

In order to acomplish our goals as an organization, we hire Professional Experts in each specific field, who have plenty of experience and are known within each industry employing them, so that both the end customer and the Supplier in United States fully trust our management.

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